Where To Get An Associate Degree In Computer Science Online?

Where To Get An Associate Degree In Computer Science Online?

The modern world is an environment built for computer science. This is evident in its ever-increasing demand in the job market. The need for specialists in the field has brought with it the rise of avenues to acquire this specialization. Go Degree is here to help navigate the online world of how and where one can obtain an associate degree in computer science.

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

The coursework that SNHU offers focuses mainly on software design and development. This features lessons on the programming languages Python, Java, and C++. They also offer courses on design and testing tools such as Netbeans and Eclipse. Lastly, they have a few agile project management lessons in their curriculum.

The degree is offered at $320 per credit. Their program allows the transfer of up to 45 credits. They also allow the transfer of all 60 credits into their Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science program.

Franklin University

Franklin University offers an A.S. in computer science degree program that features object-oriented design, development and testing, database management, and quality assurance.

Their program offers a tuition fee rate that they report to be 67% less than the national average. Specifically, they have a standard tuition fee of $398 per credit, a current service member tuition of $250 per credit, and an international student tuition fee of $526 per credit.

Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC)

LLCC offers a 61-63 credit associate degree in computer science that focuses on general education subjects and specialized subjects in computer applications and concepts, computer programming, and the understanding of modern-day technology.

They have an acceptance rate of 63% for part-time students and 37% for full-time students. That said, they have a graduation rate of 35%.

The cost of studying at LLCC will average $6,168 per year. The course will take two years on average with an asynchronous delivery method.

South Texas College (STC)

STC’s computer science associate degree is a 60-credit-hour course that features general education and subjects tackling programming fundamentals, computer organization, and C programming.

Approximately 69% of part-time students and 31% of full-time students are accepted yearly. From these, the university has a graduation rate of 24%.

Studying at STC will set you back an average of $1,174 annually. The course itself is set to take two years to complete. They offer the lessons as both asynchronous and synchronous.

Laramie County Community College (LCCC)

The computer science associate degree at LCCC is a 65-66 credit hour course. General education, software courses, and specializations in networks, multimedia, and artificial intelligence are all part of the lessons.

On average, they accept 63% of part-time applicants and 37% of full-time applicants. That said, they have a graduation rate of 23%.

Studying at LCCC will cost you $6,000 in average yearly costs. The course is reported to take two years to complete. The lessons are delivered asynchronously and synchronously.

Lake Superior State University (LSSU)

The associate’s degree in computer science at LSSU is a 62-credit-hour course. Over that, they will provide lessons on general education as well as the specialized ones. At the end of the course, they also require a real-world capstone project in the fields of web page design, systems programming, or other high-interest specializations.

The university has a general acceptance rate of 69% and a graduation rate of 67%.

The cost of studying the two-year course at LSSU is $12,976 per year. They also require a minimum GPA of 2.4. Lastly, their lessons are offered both asynchronously and synchronously.

Seminole State College of Florida (SSCF)

SSCF’s associate degree in computer science is a 60-credit-hour course. The lessons offered here are focused on general education and pathway courses like computer programming principles, python programming, and web programming.

The college’s acceptance rate is 75%, from which they have a graduation rate of 41%.

The price for studying at this college comes out to be $8,000 per year. The course follows the average of two years for computer science associate degrees. Lastly, you can choose an asynchronous or synchronous course delivery method.

A Few Among Many

These universities are just a handful of the various places and avenues through which you could obtain an associate’s degree in computer science. In fact, it might not be too long till most universities have online programs for most of their higher education courses.

All the colleges and universities presented here have quite a range of prices. Some are definitely quite pricey, but there are ways to get an accredited degree for less or even free. 

Interested in learning more about getting a second bachelor’s degree in computer science? Go Degree got you covered. If you’d like more information on these avenues, visit Go Degree’s blog on how to get a free computer science degree online.

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