How To Get A Second Bachelor's Degree In Computer Science Online?

How To Get A Second Bachelor’s Degree In Computer Science Online?

The benefit of a bachelor’s degree is pretty apparent. One in computer science holds even more benefits considering the growing demand for it in the job market. However, is there a benefit to getting a second one? 

A second degree might seem overkill initially, but it has benefits. Having it can help broaden your career prospects as well as give you ground to negotiate a higher salary. Given the rapid growth of computer science as an industry and field, it represents a great opportunity. Another degree is not only very attainable, but it is also easily capitalized.

Now, the benefits are all well and good, but there is still the actual process. This isn’t too complicated. Applying for a second degree is largely the same as the first one. You will need to look for a school that offers an online bachelor’s degree — specifically a post-baccalaureate — and apply.

What You Will Need

The application process will have slightly different requirements than a first bachelor’s degree. You will most likely be required to provide your college transcripts and a personal statement alongside your application. Also, you will not be required to submit SAT or ACT scores for your second one and might need to provide details about your work, finances, and other similar details.

In cases where this is your second degree but your first one in computer science, you may be required to take pre-major subjects before moving on to the course’s actual meat. Assuming your first degree was in computer science, you wouldn’t need to worry about that anymore.

Schools and universities can also have requirements that are unique to the institution. In such cases, it’s always important to ask and inform yourself. This shouldn’t be too difficult as you will most likely be providing information on your reasons for taking a second course in the first place. You should take the opportunity to ask about additional requirements then.


This is another important thing to take a look at when taking a second course in the same field. If you are returning to the same school where you took the first one, you should have very few issues. In other circumstances, you will need to transfer your credits. When doing so, always check the accreditation of the university.

You probably don’t want to retake your general education classes, so there is a need to transfer the maximum number of credits. Here is where the accreditation comes in. If the school you are planning to take your second degree at has a different accreditation than your first one, you may lose credits.

Financial Aid

One last thing to consider when applying for a second degree is the financial side of things. There will be several things that you will still qualify for, but there may be some where you may not be able to qualify on your second go. Filling out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will help you determine your eligibility for different types of assistance.

Things to consider in advance include the following: You will not qualify for federal grants like the Pell Grant, but you can still get private or university grants. Student loans like Stafford should still be on the table. Work-study programs will be case-to-case, depending on the school. Lastly, there are still scholarships available to you, but you will need to double-check if they aren’t only limited to a student’s first degree.

Past The Application

Once you’re done with the application process, the only differences will mostly be in the curriculum and materials. You will then be well on your way to earning a second degree.

It can’t be overstated how useful this can be for your professional career. You are provided with new avenues by virtue of your expanded and refined field of expertise. These new opportunities come with their appropriate reward, which is what draws most people into their post-baccalaureate in the first place.

Expanding your horizons is both personally and professionally rewarding. Go Degree understands this, and we will always provide you with the necessary resources to thrive. If you’re looking for more information on the application process, visit Go Degree’s blog on how to get a degree in computer science online.

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