Our Team

The Go Degree is a group of well-known people, friends, colleagues, and activists dedicated to promoting fairness and inclusion in learning design, learning science, and educational leadership. This invaluable group of advisors assists us in keeping the most critical aspects of the work at the forefront of our efforts.

Lon Blythe

Lon Blythe


Lon Blythe is fascinated by the strange workings of the human body and enjoys debunking myths about it. What is it that he desires? Recommendations based on evidence.

Lon has more than two decades of teaching, editing journalism, and writing educational articles. He graduated from Harvard University and has worked on various projects, including nationally televised infomercials and award-winning short films. He hopes to make Go Degree the place where people examine and make sense of difficult educational challenges to assist practitioners in informing communities, experimenting with new techniques, and making informed decisions to improve teaching and learning.

Brick Willis

Brick Willis

Head of Technology Team

Brick has been assisting people with technology in a professional capacity since 2010, way back during his college days. You can find him overeating when he isn’t trying to talk himself out of buying the latest tech trends and devices.

He’s also Mexican. Sí.

Vikki Jameson

Vikki Jameson

Writer, Relations Officer

Vikki Jameson has contributed to major digital publishing companies before joining Go Degree. She attended the University of Southern California, and she enjoys writing about health, beauty, politics, and lives in New York with a revolving cast of small, fluffy creatures. Most of her work can be found here on our website.

Linda Rickard

Linda Rickard

Senior Writer, Educator

The Innovative Educator, Linda Rickard. She felt school was often too tedious and pointless. That irritated her, so she became a public school teacher who sought to help others avoid the same fate. She accomplishes this by developing and sharing novel approaches to preparing students for real-world success. This includes, among other things, ensuring that educators and students have a say in discussions, concerns, and policies that affect them.

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