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What Universities In Florida Offer Online Software Engineering Degrees

Florida has a tech industry that’s thriving fairly well. Both older companies and startups can be found in the area. This creates an environment that is ripe with opportunity. With that being the case, it’s not surprising that there is a demand for professionals in the field of computer science. One such subject in this field is software engineering.

The added benefit of degrees like software engineering being in demand is how readily available and accessible they are. With the onset of online courses, you can earn degrees at your own pace. Several universities in Florida offer software engineering as a degree you can make online.

Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU)

FGCU’s bachelor of science degree in software engineering focuses on preparing students in the theory and methods of the systematic creation of software for industrial, scientific, and commercial use.

Florida State University (FSU)

FSU offers an online software engineering program. On their website, they emphasize that the focus of their course is on the interdependence of design, object orientation, and distributed systems and networks from basic software through system design.

Tallahassee Community College (TCC)

TCC offers a computer programming and web development associate’s degree. They prepare students to be computer programmers for web-based applications, and the course can help supplement the training for those who have previously been or are currently employed in the information technology industry.

Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)

FIT’s software engineering program advertises the experience they provide. Their course features hands-on learning with the goal of practical experience. They also advertise the opportunities for internship and employment that the school can provide its students.

Nova Southeastern University (NSU)

NSU’s bachelor’s degree in computer science heavily features software engineering as one of its draws. They prepare their students for a wide variety of career paths with a focus on gaining expertise in several areas, including software methodology and engineering. Their course also includes practical projects that involve both hardware and software.

University of Miami (UM)

UM’s software engineering program is focused on the methodologies, techniques, and tools used to develop large and complex computer software systems. Other than that, they also have a focus on software design, maintenance, and development. Rather than having a focused goal, the university prides itself on having a more broad curriculum.

These are just a few of the universities in Florida that offer software engineering programs online. Whether private, public, for-profit, or non-profit, there are many options for you. There are also more if you’re willing to look outside the area. With the online platform getting advanced and sophisticated, it’s easy to say that you are not shy of alternatives if you’re already looking for a digital route.

If you’d like to learn more, Go Degree offers you many resources and information on where to look. Find out where to get an associate degree in computer science online if you’d like to continue exploring more of those digital routes that are now available to you.

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