What Colleges Offer An Online Bachelor's Degree In Accounting

What Colleges Offer An Online Bachelor’s Degree In Accounting?

An accountant’s career typically begins with an accounting bachelor’s degree or a business administration degree with a concentration in accounting. Some programs will allow students to minor or otherwise specialize in a specific area of accounting, such as forensic accounting.

Our top picks for what colleges offer an online bachelor’s degree in accounting include LSE, Unicaf University, and Charles Sturt University. Read on to check out why we ranked these three of our top choices.

The London School of Economics— Online BSc in Accounting and Finance

The University of London’s online BSc Accounting and Finance program prepares you to pursue professional accreditation as an accountant through a range of internationally recognized programs after completing your degree.

Duration: 3– 6 years 

Program type: Full-time 

Unicaf University— BSc in Accounting

A Bachelor of Science in Accounting provides students with a grasp of the viewpoints that serve as the backdrop for the company and financial management decisions. The Bachelor of Science in Accounting is a demanding curriculum that prepares students for careers in professional accounting as well as corporate and public sector management. 

Duration: 4 years

Program Type: Full-time 

Charles Sturt University— Bachelor’s of Accounting 

Charles Sturt University’s Bachelor of Accounting will equip you with the analytical, communication, and leadership abilities you’ll need to succeed as a company professional. You can go anywhere and work in whatever field you wish with a Bachelor of Accounting degree.

Duration: 3– 6 years 

Program Type: Full-time

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