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Institutes Offering Affordable Online Masters In Computer Engineering

Computer engineers are in charge of designing and building computer systems. They play an important role in developing and advancing digital technologies for use in practically every industry, including automotive, health, and cybersecurity. In the broader computer and information technology industry, computer engineers have extremely lucrative career prospects.

Professionals who complete this two-year graduate program may be eligible for advancement and increased pay in their present IT employment. With enough experience, a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering can land a computer and IT system manager position, one of the highest-paying jobs in the U.S. 

To find out which universities offer online Master’s in Computer Engineering, continue reading the article below.  

What To Expect In An Online Masters In Computer Engineering Program?

An online master’s degree in computer engineering prepares students for advanced jobs in computer science and information technology. This program is usually offered as a master of science (MS) or a master of engineering (M.Eng.). Some colleges teach computer engineering as a subfield of general or electronics engineering.

Colleges may provide the MS or M.Eng. degree in computer engineering through their IT, computer science, or engineering departments. Most colleges now have STEM departments that exclusively house online programs, such as an online master’s degree in computer engineering.

Best Online Master’s In Computer Engineering Programs

A college degree is one of the most significant investments you can make in life. A degree can be obtained from something other than the most expensive colleges in the country.

Below we have compiled a list of the best educational institutions that offer an affordable online master’s degree in computer engineering. Take a look at them below. 

University Of Florida

Through UF Online, the University of Florida offers over 200 programs. The university’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers an online master’s degree in computer engineering. 

The MS in electrical and computer engineering (ECE) program also features customizable major and non-ECE electives to supplement their online master’s degree programs. Full-time or part-time enrolment, hybrid course options, and thesis and non-thesis paths are also other features of UF’s online master’s degree courses.

John Hopkins University

Students at Johns Hopkins can choose from 19 online graduate engineering programs. The university’s MS in electrical and computer engineering offers ten courses. All students of online graduate engineering programs are required to finish either communication and networking or a photonics major on top of other elective subjects.

Distance learners complete asynchronous coursework via the Blackboard platform. The part-time online master’s degree in computer engineering is designed for working students. Everyone who wishes to enroll in the program pays the same tuition fee, regardless of residency.

University of Southern California

The Viterbi School of Engineering was one of the University of Southern California’s first academic colleges. Students at USC have access to more than 40 online graduate programs, including Viterbi’s online master’s degree in computer engineering. 

The MS in computer engineering requires 28 credits in three primary areas: architecture, VLSI, and networks. In a virtual classroom, USC provides both live and on-demand course content. Interconnection networks, the internet, cloud computing, and computer system organization are also included in the university’s courses.

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