What Are The Most Expensive Colleges

What Are The Most Expensive Colleges?

When planning for a college education, one of the essential considerations is its cost. For many students, financial aid opportunities are crucial, while price doesn’t matter as much for others.

Overall, a college education doesn’t come cheap, but some colleges come with the highest price tags. What are the most expensive colleges? If you’re curious about them, here is a quick list to check out what they offer

1. Harvey Mudd College

  • Average Cost of Tuition: $80,036
  • Student Population: 906
  • Famous Programs: Engineering, Computer Science, Biology

The most expensive college in America is California’s Harvey Mudd College. This institution was founded in 1955 and is well-known worldwide for its Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. The college is named after Harvey Seeley Mudd, a mining engineer who served as chairman of the Board of Fellows of Claremont College for 25 years.

If you enroll at Harvey Mudd College, you can expect an interdisciplinary approach that helps students prepare for life after graduation. The institution uses a project-based experiential model where they learn hands-on techniques through real-world research and design projects.

2. John Hopkins University

  • Average Cost of Tuition: $68,852
  • Student Population: 28,890 
  • Famous Programs: Pre-Med, Science, and Engineering

John Hopkins University is a 146-year-old world-famous educational institution founded by John Hopkins, a philanthropist, and businessman. It is well-known for being the first research university in the United States. Even today, this education pillar believes that knowledge and discoveries make the world a better place.

The university prepares its students to be global leaders and citizens, taking part in bringing the benefits of their discoveries to the world. The global impact of the studies at John Hopkins has been instrumental in public health, international relations, gun violence, malnutrition, and HIV/AIDS.

3. Parsons School of Design

  • Average Cost of Tuition: $67,266
  • Student Population: 5,755
  • Famous Programs: Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Architectural Design

If you are interested in a non-traditional way of studying art, Parsons School of Design is worth considering. It is America’s leading arts and design institution and is also one of the elite New School’s five colleges. This means that you can elevate the creative work by considering other courses like social sciences and management.

The Parsons School of Design offers its unique interdisciplinary education enriched in its home in New York City’s Greenwich Village and the branch campus in Paris.

4. Columbia University

  • Average Cost of Tuition: $69,986
  • Student Population: 31,455
  • Famous Programs: Engineering, Economics, and Political Science

Since its founding in 1754, Columbia University has established itself as a home for exceptional discoveries. Formerly known as King’s College, Columbia University is another highly-esteemed research institution. Columbia University has brought groundbreaking research and teaching methods to the world with discoveries like nuclear magnetic resonance and brain-computer interface.

Aside from being an expensive college, Columbia is also famous for being elite and selective, with a very low 5% acceptance rate.

Find The Best College For You 

Education can be quite an investment, but it is an integral part of development. These colleges and universities come with the highest costs, but they have reached their levels for a reason.

If you have the financial means or access to grants and scholarships for these degree programs, you should definitely consider an application. You can start by checking out the Go Degree guide to full-ride scholarships.

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