Is Private Tuition Right for Your Child Explore the Advantages of 1 on 1 Tutoring in Singapore
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Is Private Tuition Right for Your Child? Explore the Advantages of 1-on-1 Tutoring in Singapore

The phenomenon of private tuition in Singapore is perhaps the most unique in any country in Asia, or the world. Singapore’s “tuition culture” sprang from a need for parents to make sure that their children could cope and keep pace with the fast education curriculum of the country at every grade level. Whether students need to supplement their classroom learning or to catch up with lessons because of learning difficulties, it has become both necessary and normal for parents to hire private tuition teacher or a private home tutor for a child’s specific subject.

Normally, the practice to hire private tuition teacher applies if any of the following aspects are happening to a student:

1. The student is performing at a level below average in class because of a lack of a good foundation on the subject or in learning techniques.

2. The student is brimming with questions but cannot ask the teacher in class. Questioning is supposed to be a good way to learn since it generates analytic and rigorous thinking.

3. The student is unmotivated to learn and is no longer concerned about grades.

A student not doing well in class may eventually develop a set of negative behavior or mindset. Singapore schools have always been gravely competitive and a large number of students risk getting left behind if parents are not aware of the learning disabilities or difficulties of their children. Some students may be able to score consistently well at the 80-average mark in class at lower and higher primary levels, but this performance may drop gradually as they move up the grade levels. This may be due to a variety of learning difficulties. Private tuition can help a student overcome any underlying problems that produce symptoms as mentioned above.

Class performance is below-average

This may be due to the student lacking in foundation and thus having trouble understanding more advanced concepts. The learning process is extremely fast-paced in Singapore schools. If a student is not thoroughly familiar with a foundational concept like the multiplication table, the student will suffer a great deal when he/she has to process large numbers that are common in the upper primary level.

A qualified and experienced private tutor will be advantageous as the student will be able to spot fundamental problems and their possible but effective remedies and options. Students in class, unfortunately, do not have the luxury of any type of personalized attention from their teachers. If a student has been studying hard and yet is not performing well, this means that he/she has not mastered learning foundations and techniques that other students may already be using. Experienced tutors with good academic backgrounds have a whole host of learning techniques and sample materials that are general or subject-specific.

Lack of motivation

Experienced private tutors know that no matter what they tutor to an unmotivated student, no permanent learning will ever take place. A private tutor will work to find a combination of motivating factors that are effective for a child beyond mere grudge memorizing or adequate test passing. These motivating factors may be short- or long-term but all are inclined towards the rewards of learning.

Motivating the student to ask questions

Thinking and reasoning are instrumental to learning and asking questions is part of this. A child should be shown that learning and thinking can be fun and fulfilling by asking questions. A private tutor is qualified and experienced enough to field all of the child’s questions and be a great source of intellectual discovery for the child.

Get personalized help from FamilyTutor

The number one reason why parents hire private tuition teacher from a private tuition agency like FamilyTutor is because they want a tutor that can give personalized help for their children, often in the weakest subjects. The private tutor provides personalized teaching devotion to address a student’s learning difficulties, something a teacher cannot do in a classroom environment. If a child’s learning problems are not addressed, this can result in a downward spiral. The student that is struggling will be unable to follow the pace of the class and will fall further and further behind. This is where FamilyTutor comes in, a home tuition agency trusted by over 18,000 parents in Singapore, and responsible for sending a lot of students into top schools. Call us today or visit our official website.