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How To Get Basketball Scholarships For College

Every high school student-athlete dreams of playing their sport in college. But the reality is that only a small percentage of student-athletes will go on to compete at the collegiate level. The good news is that if you’re willing to put in the hard work, there are ways to increase your chances of landing a college basketball scholarship

Here are a few tips on how to get basketball scholarships for college.

Think About What You Bring To The Table

When securing a college basketball scholarship, it’s important to consider what you bring to the table. What are your unique skills and abilities? What makes you stand out from other potential recruits? 

Sometimes, it’s helpful to sit down with a coach or trusted advisor and brainstorm a list of your unique selling points. Doing this exercise can help you focus your efforts as you reach out to college coaches.

Get Your Name Out There

If you want college basketball coaches to take notice of your skills, you need to make sure they know who you are. Start by creating a profile on NCSA College Recruiting. This website is used by over 35,000 college coaches across the country. It allows you to upload videos of your games, connect with coaches, and receive customized advice on your recruiting process. 

You should ensure your highlight reel is up-to-date and easy for coaches to find. Post it on NCSA, YouTube, or both. Attend as many showcase events and camps as possible. These events allow you to show your skills in front of dozens (or even hundreds) of college coaches.

Reach Out To Coaches Directly

Once you’ve started getting your name out there, it’s time to reach out directly to college coaches. Start by finding a list of schools that fit your academic and athletic criteria, and then reaching out via email or social media. 

Once you’ve made initial contact, follow up regularly but don’t be too pushy—you want coaches to be interested in YOU, not annoyed by you. Remember, the goal here is simply to get on the radar of as many college coaches as possible. The more people who know who you are and what you’re capable of, the greater your chances of landing a basketball scholarship.

Don’t Be Afraid To Pursue A Basketball College Scholarship

The steps for securing a basketball scholarship may seem daunting at first, but it’s definitely possible if you’re willing to put in the hard work. By thinking about what makes you unique, getting your name out there, and making direct contact with college coaches, you’ll be well on your way toward fulfilling your dream of playing collegiate basketball. 

If you’re concerned about the possibility of losing a scholarship due to injury, check out our article on how many college athletes lose their scholarships due to injury. Aside from a basketball scholarship, other types of scholarships are available to incoming first-year college students. Check out Go Degree’s blog on What Type of Scholarships I Can Apply For to learn about other scholarships for you.

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