How To Apply For Multiple Scholarships At Once

How To Apply For Multiple Scholarships At Once

Scholarships help students get into good colleges by passing their applications above other students. Since scholarships admit only a limited number of applicants a year, applying to multiple scholarships at once is a perfectly acceptable practice. 

Multiple scholarship applications help increase your chances of getting into your desired college. So, don’t be afraid to do the hard work and send as many applications as possible. 

Here’s how you can apply for multiple scholarships at once. 

Things To Consider Before Applying To Multiple Scholarships

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. To increase your chances of getting accepted, consider the following factors before sending multiple applications.

  • Only send applications to the colleges with courses that you want to take. Don’t send applications randomly, especially to multiple colleges, for classes you’re not interested in taking. 
  • If all the applications proceed to the next step, carefully consider the ones you like and focus on them. Don’t spread yourself too thin for the rest of the application process and risk not presenting your best self to those that matter. 
  • Scholarships come with bonds, such as obligations to pursue a specific career path or render service for the sponsor organization. It’s not an entirely free education since you have to meet these responsibilities once you graduate. Only take the scholarships whose after-graduate responsibilities align with your personal goals. 

Application Techniques For Multiple Scholarships

Once you’ve carefully taken into account all the necessary steps when applying for multiple scholarships, it’s time to look at how to send those applications without exhausting yourself. 

Check out these options:

1. Manually send applications on your own 

If you’re applying for three or four scholarships, you can manage these applications independently. Check the requirements for each program and prepare them in advance. Preparation and being organized are critical when making multiple applications. 

You’d notice that they will all ask for the same requirements, such as past academic records, letters of recommendation, and essays. Compile these early on and neatly organize them in files. You can also prepare your essay questions as a template that you can quickly access whenever an application needs it. 

It’s also helpful to have a monitoring spreadsheet, through Excel or Sheets, to track which applications have been completed, sent out, and have an answer. 

2. Using the aid of scholarship agencies 

If you’re applying for more than a dozen scholarships, you’d need the help of a third-party agency, usually a scholarship agency, to handle the application for you. They can ask about your interests, help you search relevant colleges and scholarships, and send the applications using one pre-filled application form you’ve provided. 

Several websites offer this type of service, and they even have bundled scholarships you can apply to based on the first set of scholarships you like. 

There can be hidden fees that you need to pay, so if you must pay for their services, be sure you understand their pricing scheme. Also, you must only apply to schools that you foresee attending. Don’t apply for scholarships for the sake of getting one. 

Increase Your Chances Of Acceptance With Multiple Scholarships

The more applications you send in, the more chances you’ll get a scholarship offer. However, be thoughtful when choosing programs and schools you wish to apply to. Avoid random applications due to instant eligibility, make sure you focus on spending time applying to the ones you actually like.

To get an idea of what scholarships can you apply for, read this Go Degree blog.

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