How Many Credits Are Needed For An Online Accounting Associate Degree

How Many Credits Are Needed For An Online Accounting Associate Degree?

You may be able to benefit from the flexibility provided by an online accounting program as a student who works as well. Online programs often follow the same rigorous curricula as their brick-and-mortar counterparts, resulting in alumni having similar prospects for progression after graduation. 

Students who have extra responsibilities — such as child or family care — on top of their career and class schedules will find the online format to be particularly convenient. However, note that despite its flexibility, an online accounting associate degree still has the same credit requirements as any traditional school. 

How Many Credits Do You Need For An Associate Degree?

Associate accounting degrees online are typically have a range of 60 to 72 credits. These credit hours are usually spread over two years in a virtual classroom. Students who appreciate arithmetic and who demonstrate abilities in critical thinking, organization, and communication should consider pursuing an associate’s degree in accounting.

The associate degree program covers the core accounting concepts, as well as introductions to business and economics. There are classes in mathematics as well as general education, which covers a wide range of topics.

Your pursuit of higher education in accounting can be furthered with an associate’s degree. To learn more about associate degrees in accounting and other fees for an online marketing degree, read through our blogs in Go Degree today!

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