How Long Does It Take To Get A Business Degree Online

How Long Does It Take To Get A Business Degree Online

A business degree typically takes between two to six years to complete. The amount of time required to earn a business degree varies according to the type of degree pursued.

For instance, an associate degree normally takes two years to complete, whereas a bachelor’s degree may take four years. A graduate degree, such as an MBA, may take an additional two years or longer to complete. However, some master’s programs offer accelerated tracks that allow students to complete the degree as fast as one year.

Your enrollment status also has an effect on the length of time required to earn a business degree. Full-time students typically earn their degrees faster than part-time students because they complete more credits each semester. However, if you’re a prospective student with a busy schedule, part-time programs may be a better fit. A part-time status allows for greater flexibility (and the option to earn while you work) but may result in a lengthier time frame for earning a degree.

Obtaining a degree requires time and effort, but it can be well worth it. You can acquire skills that apply to a variety of diverse professions, including manufacturing, hospitality, and health care.

How Long It Takes To Earn A Business Degree

Let’s take a more in-depth look at certain timeframes: 

Associate’s Degree In Business

Typically, an associate’s degree requires 60 credit hours. If you are a full-time student, this will typically take approximately two years of taking 15 credits every semester for four semesters. If you’re a part-time student, it may take up to three years, depending on the number of credits you can take per semester.

Bachelor’s Degree In Business

The time required to earn a bachelor’s degree in business varies based on the curriculum, the school, and other factors. A typical bachelor’s degree program requires 120 credit hours. If you are a full-time student, this may take four years, with 15 credits per semester spread over eight semesters. On the other hand, it could take up to seven years or longer if you are a part-time student.

Master’s Degree In Business

The majority of business master’s degree programs require 30 to 40 credit hours, although some may require up to 60. If you enroll full-time, you might complete your master’s degree in two years. It may take between two and four years if you are a part-time student.

Doctoral Program In Business

The highest business degrees are the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and the Ph.D. in Business. Around 60 credit hours may be required for these programs. If you’re a full-time student, you can expect to complete your degree in an average of four years. If you enroll part-time, the process may take six to ten years or longer.

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