Best Schools In Florida Offering Computer Science Degrees

3 Best Schools In Florida Offering Computer Science Degrees

Computer science prepares you for a career as a computer and IT system manager, which has been ranked as the fourth highest-paying job in the United States. Software engineers and IT managers code and handle the systems, programs, and apps that we rely on every day, and they are well compensated for their efforts. 

The Occupational Outlook Handbook reports a typical yearly pay of $109,020, and this annual median pay is only expected to rise in the succeeding years to come. In addition, the OOH predicts 21% job growth over the next decade.

We’ll discuss the top computer science colleges and universities in Florida and their programs in this article. To find out which Florida schools offer the best computer science programs, read on. 

Best Computer Science Schools In Florida

Learning computer science, specifically academic coding, is not an easy task. Fortunately, there are universities in Florida that are good at teaching it. Check them out below. 

University of South Florida

The University of South Florida, located in Tampa Bay and with over 50,000 enrollees, takes pride in its research and innovation. The USF ranks seventh among national public colleges in terms of patents awarded. 

The computer science program at the University of South Florida is accredited by ABET and ranked 102nd nationwide. The computer science faculty include experts in big data algorithms, cyber security, and artificial intelligence, among other things.

The University of South Florida provides incredible value in its computer science degree, with in-state tuition and fees under only $7,000 per year.

Florida State University

Florida State University, ranked 57th overall and 82nd in computer science programs. FSU provides an excellent educational experience for computer science majors, helping you become better equipped for your future career.

You can also acquire an accelerated graduate degree in computer science with the availability of combined FSU Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. 

Florida State’s undergraduate experience and computer science programs are an outstanding deal, with an annual in-state tuition of only under $7,000 per year.

University of Florida 

Washington Monthly ranks Florida’s flagship university, currently located in Gainesville, as 16th in the United States, ahead of famous universities such as the University of California – Berkeley, Cornell University, and Brown University. Despite tough competition, the University of Florida continues to provide the best undergraduate programs in the state, including computer science.

The Department of Computer Science provides numerous undergraduate tracks, although none are currently accredited by ABET. However, the University of Florida is dedicated to providing computer science students with a high-quality learning experience.

The University’s computer science program is among the ranks of the top 50 in the U.S. Not to mention, its in-state tuition fees only amount to approximately $6,000 per year, making the University of Florida our top pick for the best schools that offer computer science degrees.

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