What To Do After Getting A B Tech Degree

What To Do After Getting A B Tech Degree?

What are your future plans?  One of the most frequently asked questions a person has to face, the moment they complete their graduation and get a degree. Isn’t it? And most probably, they don’t even know the answer themselves. There’s a lot of chaos and confusion in a person’s mind while choosing the right career path once they have graduated, and why not? This is the most crucial decision one has to make, and even a single mistake can turn life upside down. 

There’s nothing wrong with being confused as almost every student goes through this phase once in their life, and as per the survey, 40 percent of students are still confused about their career and this percentage keeps increasing every year.

Well, to cope with this situation of confusion, we’ll learn about the various options available for graduates in this article. If you are a recent B Tech graduate you can consider these options after getting your B Tech degree.

Pursue Higher Studies: 

After graduation, you can go for further studies and enhance your knowledge for better opportunities and job positions. Higher studies open the doors for leveling up your knowledge and skills and also add another degree to your profile. 

Most people opt for MBA after getting a B.tech degree and no doubt it makes you eligible for better and the best. Students with B Tech and MBA degrees have relatively high chances of getting shortlisted in a preliminary interview of the companies compared to those with a B Tech degree only. 

Exams like JAM, GATE, GRE, CAT, CLAT, etc. help you in making your place in top universities across the globe. After completing your studies you can easily land a high-paying job in the world’s top cities like London, New York, Paris, Dubai, Moscow, etc..

Go for a master’s degree online by taking the exams mentioned above and admission to top colleges. There are many courses available that help you  switch the most in-demand domains in the market.

Campus Placements:

One of the easiest approaches to get hired and enter  the corporate world is through campus placement. Engineer colleges organize campus drives for final year students.

 You can appear for the job Interviews as per your preferred roles, and once you clear all the rounds of an interview, you are all set to join the company directly after graduation.

 You will get a chance to work with big companies and prominent players in the market, and as a fresher, you will gain experience  working in a corporate environment . 

Campus recruitment is most popular among students and has its own merits, but you have to prepare yourself to get a high score in order to survive the cut-throat competition.


We all have heard about this term. You can choose entrepreneurship as your career ahead after completing your engineering. You can start your own business, and the success stories of so many people, including engineers, will inspire you to go further in this field. 

Let’s take the example of 2 engineering students, Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak, who built a Rs 100 crore business selling tea. They had 3 lakh rupees of their savings, and they invested that money to start their business with the sole purpose of selling tea and named their startup “CHAI SUTTA BAR,” and now they have more than 165 outlets, not only in India, Dubai, Omen, and Nepal.

If they can, then why can’t you? Of course, you can, but as we know each and everything has its advantages and disadvantages, so you’ve to be very careful while selecting this option.

Internships With Top Companies:

The companies can’t hire every student through campus placement.If you are not shortlisted but still are desperate to work in a corporate environment, you must apply for internships. Internships give you a helpful insight into the professional world and also prepare you for job roles perfectly. There are two types of internships. Former is paid and later is unpaid, and you can select either of these at your convenience.

Internships input a lot of value to your curriculum vitae, and also your chances of getting hired increase to a large extent.

An internship is also a great idea if you want to study even after graduation as internships are not as demanding as jobs.

Companies often hire their interns as full-time employees depending upon their performance, and this is one of the best advantages of doing an internship with the company.

Civil Services Entrance Exam:

If serving the nation is one of your aspirations, you can appear for the civil services exam after graduation. For this, you have to clear an exam named as UPSC civil services exam. It is considered one of the most challenging exams in India, and to clear that, you have to prepare yourself at least a year before applying for the same.

The UPSC offers three optional engineering subjects – Civil, Mechanical & Electrical engineering. If you get a high rank in this examination, you can get the prestigious positions of IPS, IAS, or IFS.

These jobs are well paying and offer suitable financial security but are also highly reputed ones.

Candidates with a B Tech degree often perform well in these exams.

Become a Domain Expert:

You enter the world of engineering with graduation and your B Tech degree, and if you want to build expertise, you can specialize in any of the domains of your choice. Advanced Technologies like Data science, Cloud compounding, AIML, Cyber security are the most trending ones among engineers because of their high demand in the ever-growing market.

 Big companies tend to hire these experts and offer the best packages to retain them for a long time.

By becoming an expert in these domains, you’ll get a very good opportunity to stay ahead in the competition. it will also help you in taking a step further in your career confidently.

Join the defense:

If you are willing to serve the nation at any cost, if you are patriotic, and if you love your country more than anything then you can join the Indian Army, Navy, or Air force after completing your graduation. The Indian Army has an extraordinarily skilled technical wing that supports the troops on the field hence creating plenty of opportunities for engineers in the technical wings of the Indian army.

Joining the defense and selecting it as a career path is considered one of the most prestigious and respected careers one could opt for. You can take various entrance tests to enter this field, such as  SSC, UES, AFCAT, etc. 

It will offer you good pay, job security, financial security, and a high reputation among everyone.


You can do anything after B Tech with so many options available, and all you have to do is find out your area of interest and discover what you like the most. If you are interested in taking up M.Tech, check out the M.Tech courses offered by Great Learning and top-rated institutions. 

It is commonly said that an individual is not only the best judge of their own interest, but they are also the only ONE. 

Hope these paths help you in finding your own career.


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