What Is Certified In Risk And Information Systems Control

What Is Certified In Risk And Information Systems Control

Risks in information technology can take many forms. Technology has emerged as the most important risk element for today’s businesses due to its vital position as an agent of innovation. Because doing a risk assessment is not part of a traditional information technology curriculum, many IT workers lack the knowledge that organizations increasingly see critical to their long-term success.

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) is a vendor-neutral certification that verifies a person’s knowledge of risk management and information systems control. The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) develops, maintains, and tests individuals for this certification. 

Individuals who assist businesses in adopting information system controls and mitigating business risks are eligible for CRISC certification.

Requirements For CRISC Qualification

Candidates who pass a rigorous written test and have at least three years of relevant work experience are awarded the CRISC designation. ISACA has defined the following four domains that you will be assessed on when taking the written exam.

  • The first domain focuses on IT risk identification and comprises 27% of the test.
  • The second domain is related to IT risk assessment, and it comprises 28% of the test.
  • The third domain is about risk response and mitigation, and it comprises 23% of the test.
  • The fourth domain focuses on risk and control monitoring and reporting. It comprises 22% of the test.

Candidates must possess knowledge of control and risk frameworks and have practical experience in information system control and risk management. After all, a CRISC-certified professional’s role is to create and implement an information system control and management plan to protect an organization against IT risks.

Who Can Benefit From A CRISC Certification

Some of the job roles that can benefit from a CRISC certification include the following.

  • Risk experts
  • Control professionals
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Compliance professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Risk professionals

The CRISC certification proves that the bearer can detect and assess IT risk while assisting the company in meeting its business objectives. More than 20,000 professionals have obtained the CRISC certification since its inception in 2010. CRISC certification holders demonstrate business and IT risk management expertise and the ability to design, implement, monitor, and maintain risk-based information systems controls.

How Much Does The CRISC Exam Cost

Depending on where you live and how much time you have, you can take the CRISC exam at various locations and dates. You may find the most convenient time and location for the test with a simple online search. ISACA members will pay USD 575 for the exam in 2021, while non-members will pay USD 760. The exam costs are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Taking The CRISC Certification Exam

The CRISC exam is available all year round as a computer-based testing (CBT) session, which can be taken online or at a PSI exam center. All candidates must first register with ISACA directly online, after which they will receive instructions on how to book an exam session through email.

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