What Is A Professional Cloud Architect

What Is A Professional Cloud Architect?

Cloud computing architecture is a term that refers to the components and subcomponents that make cloud computing possible. Typically, these components include a cloud-based delivery platform, a front end, a back end,  and a network. The components, when combined, form the cloud computing architecture. Cloud solutions are designed using architectural procedures and methods established over the last two decades.

A Cloud Architect’s role is to translate a project’s technical needs into the architecture and design that will shape the final product. Other technology team members, such as DevOps engineers and developers, collaborate with the Cloud Architect to make sure that the appropriate technology or technologies are built.

What Are The Initial Skills Required?

If you’re considering a career as a Cloud Architect, you should have solid experience in cloud computing or a related technical area. If you are comfortable with the majority, if not all, of the following concepts, you are generally on the right route. Otherwise, you should conduct some preliminary research or work in these areas before attempting to fill the Cloud Architect post.

  • Good working knowledge of one of the following operating systems: Ubuntu, Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris. Any Linux operating system will do, like Ubuntu or Red Hat. It is also helpful if you have experience as an administrator or architect of a well-known operating system.
  • Solid networking knowledge: IP addresses, HTTP, TCP/IP, DNS. To become a cloud architect, you should familiarize yourself with these concepts.
  • Computer programming languages: At least a basic understanding of a programming language or scripting language is necessary. Although not a requirement, it is definitely helpful.
  • Security: Cloud security is important, so a Cloud Architect should understand key security concepts on a high level. As a result, you need to familiarize yourself with some basic security concepts, such as firewalls.

The preceding list is by no means comprehensive. The point is that if you’re considering a career as a Cloud Architect, you’ll need a superior technical foundation. 

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