Top Online Social Science Degrees To Consider

Top Online Social Science Degrees To Consider

A social science degree can open up a world of opportunities. It can help you get a job in various fields, from the government to business to education. Plus, it can give you the skills you need to make a difference in your community.

If this is a field you see yourself in, consider getting a social science degree. However, what exactly is a social science degree? And where is the best place to get one? Keep reading to find out.

Getting A Social Science Degree

Social science degrees offer a well-rounded education in the humanities and social sciences, providing students with a strong foundation for a variety of careers.

Most social science degrees take a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating coursework from psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, and history. This approach gives students a well-rounded education that can be applied to a number of different career paths like social work and global organizational development.

Though it is an opportunity you can pursue in a college or university, you may also consider their online or hybrid programs to make it easier to manage.

The Best Online Social Science Degree Programs

Social science degree programs are worth pursuing, especially if you are passionate about learning about people and cultures. Here are some places that offer these degrees online.

1. Pennsylvania State University – Bachelor of Science in Integrated Social Sciences

Penn State offers an Integrated Social Sciences program for people who seek a better understanding of relationships between individuals and institutions.

The program comprises 120 credits, where students will learn content, theories, and social science methodologies. The program also covers the disciplines of anthropology, communication arts and sciences, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology.

To qualify for this program, you should prepare your self-reported academic record, official transcripts, and SAT or ACT scores for an evaluation.

2. University of Maryland Global Campus – Bachelor of Science in Social Science

With an online Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science from the University of Maryland Global Campus, you will be able to learn more about anthropology, the behavioral sciences, gerontology, psychology, and sociology. Eventually, you will be given the opportunity to specialize in one of these topics and advance your professional experience.

In their curriculum, you will study 120 credits, 90 of which can be transferred from a different program. You can opt to study online fully, but you can also go for select hybrid courses if you wish to be on campus during some days.

3. New York University – Bachelor of Arts in Social Science

New York University offers a BA in Social Sciences to develop well-rounded individuals who think critically and creatively and have a deeper understanding of the world. The program provides eleven concentrations, but only two of them, the Economics Concentration and the Organizational Behavior and Change Concentration, offer a fully online degree completion option.

This program is also perfect for all types of students, as they have a flexible program where you can opt for part-time or full-time enrollment. 

4. Kansas State University – Bachelor’s in Social Science

Kansas State University offers a 120-credit interdisciplinary program on Social Science. In this program, students may develop their study in nine disciplines: anthropology, economics, geography, history, mass communications, political science, psychology, sociology, and gender, women and sexuality studies. 

There are also electives to pursue those who want to further their studies. This Social Science program is 100% online and totals 120 credit hours. 

Work On Your Social Science Degree Today

Social science is a fascinating subject to study deeper, and it is also a field that has numerous career paths waiting for you. If you plan to pursue an online degree program for social science, you can check out the programs above from these accredited schools.

If you are wondering about pursuing further studies, Go Degree has a Social Science Graduate Degree guide that can help you.

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