The Versatility of Engineering Careers
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The Versatility of Engineering Careers

When it comes to engineering, there is indeed a wide variety of career paths to choose from. As a concept, engineers are intellectual individuals who either invent, design, build or analyze. Or more often than not, do a combination of the previously mentioned. They do so to test structures, systems and machines to ensure that things are built or performed securely and practically. Not to mention, in the most cost-saving, high-performing way. Plus in line with rules, conditions and requirements. 

It is a fascinating, complex and specialized profession, which is no wonder why people study for years to become engineers. There are plenty of in-house or online degrees for engineering out there that all offer the opportunity to become a professional engineer. Before studying, it is important to know that there are many different types of engineering studies available. This article aims to highlight a few different kinds of engineering professions and what each of these focuses on. 

Chemical Engineer

This individual focuses on studying the design and operation of chemical plants. This person aims to continuously improve the production, operation or function of said chemical plant. They are often the brains behind how companies can convert raw materials into useful products. 

Mechanical Engineer

Someone who has studied mechanical engineering is tasked with the job of designing power-producing machines. A machine that is often used to produce something else. Take F1 cars for example, most of the big machines and large systems that the car needs to go through were conceived by a mechanical engineer. They build things like electric generators, internal combustion engines, gas turbines and steam turbines. Even things that we use in our daily life like elevators and escalators and the list goes on.

Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer is fascinated by electricity and everything that comes with it. This profession is all about studying and designing all kinds of devices and systems that use electricity, electronics and electromagnets. They would work on electronic motors and navigational systems, for example, the systems on planes, cars and trucks.

Civil Engineer

A vital profession for the structure of a town or city. A civil engineer studies, constructs and designs physical environments. Examples of these are roads, highways, bridges, damn walls, pipelines, sewage systems, railways and airports. As you can see, a hugely important profession within a country and its economy. Without civil engineers, the measurements and structures of roads and railways as we know them today, would not function as well as they do now. 

Software Engineer

Software engineers use the engineering principles that they learned during their studies, coupled with the knowledge of programming languages to build software solutions. They design and develop software operating systems, network control systems and even computer games. Companies like Apple and Google rely heavily on software engineers. These individuals positively impact the average person’s navigates their life. Even if you do not play computer games, the interface that you online shop on, or type on is developed and continuously improved and modernized by software engineers.

Environmental Engineer

This individual researches, prepares and reports on issues that concern the environment. They aim to design systems that improve the environmental conditions. This can be a device that controls or cleans air pollution or that recycles dirty water, cleans it and can turn it either into drinking water again or into water that people can irrigate with, for example. Their job is to protect the environment with their intelligent concepts and designs.

Aerospace Engineer

An aerospace engineer is in high demand at places like NASA due to their occupational abilities. This person develops technologies that are created to assist and improve aviation systems, defense systems and spacecraft in general. They have to focus on many things at once and often work alongside electrical engineers too. Their job is to focus on aerodynamic fluid flow, robotics, propulsion and combustion. 

Final Thoughts 

Most of what an engineer does is already in its name. A mechanical engineer? Works with machines. An environmental engineer? Works with the environment. It’s a fascinating occupation that offers a wide variety of completely different professions within the macro field of economics. It requires a large amount of studying and a natural affinity for wanting to research and understand topics.

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