Starting College Check Out These 10 Popular Degree Options
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Starting College? Check Out These 10 Popular Degree Options

Deciding what the future holds is entirely up to you. For most of you, pursuing a college degree may seem the wisest option since it ultimately sets the course for your professional journey. But knowing which degree to study is just as crucial.

The right college degree is essential in ensuring the success and fulfillment of your plans. This decision holds immense weight and isn’t one you should take lightly since it improves your likelihood of achieving professional goals. Several reasons contribute to this, not the least of which is that your degree equips you with specialized knowledge and expertise in your chosen field. This focused education provides a strong foundation, enabling you to excel in your career and contribute to your industry.

The degree you choose for yourself must also resonate with your interests, passion, and aspirations. This is because your college journey isn’t always going to be an easy one. But when your education aligns with your interests, your intrinsic motivation will push you to keep going. 

Finally, you must also be careful to pick a degree relevant to today’s industry and current times. So, to help you choose better, here are the top ten popular college degrees.

  1. Social work

A social work degree might be an ideal choice if you want to build your career in a rewarding and impactful profession. Earning this qualification can equip you with the knowledge and skills that allow you to address prevalent social issues, advocate for the unrepresented, and promote positive change in society.

Best of all, thanks to the internet and easy access to technology, you can earn advanced degrees like masters in social work online. This approach offers you better flexibility with your personal and professional life while enhancing your skills that can make a profound difference in others’ lives.

  1. Computer Science

In today’s increasingly digital and technology-driven world, computer science graduates are in high demand with ever-growing opportunities around them. This degree gives you access to expertise in various tech disciplines like programming, data analysis, software development, and artificial intelligence. More importantly, it allows you to work in multiple industries, from healthcare and finance to entertainment and business.

As a computer scientist, your education will foster creativity and innovation skills in you that may help develop groundbreaking technologies. 

  1. Business

A business degree has undoubtedly earned its place among the most popular college degrees worldwide. This ranking is due to several compelling reasons, such as the versatility of career prospects it offers. Besides a thorough education, this program also ensures candidates graduate with a strong and diverse skill set that encompasses expertise in management, marketing, and entrepreneurship, to name a few.

Business graduates also have strong leadership and critical thinking abilities often sought out across many industries. Employers are willing to pay lucrative salaries and job benefits to such workers, improving your chances of career advancement and growth in any field you choose.

  1. Public health

Although public health degrees have been around for several decades, their popularity has drastically elevated recently. The demand for public health professionals has spiked in the face of global health challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic, prevalent chronic illnesses, and environmental diseases. Therefore, pursuing a degree in public health equips you with the necessary knowledge and abilities that make you a valuable candidate in different sectors.

  1. Education

Many people who pursue a degree in education get drawn to this field through their passion for inspiring the young generation and positively impacting their students’ lives. Due to it being a versatile degree program, some courses focus on pedagogy, classroom management, and curriculum development. However, you can specialize in various sub-disciplines and grade levels, such as early childhood education or high school. 

With time, the education sector is finally receiving its long-awaited recognition. Schools and colleges want to hire professionals with the relevant qualifications and skills to help students progress. 

  1. Journalism

A journalism degree is often popular among those passionate about uncovering truths, reporting on important events, and giving a voice to the voiceless. This degree is one of the most powerful degrees you can possess since it gives you the skills to navigate the perceptions of those around you. 

Journalism offers diverse career opportunities, from broadcast and print media to digital and investigative reporting. So, in an era where reliable information is crucial, this degree may be an excellent choice if you want to play a role in shaping the public discourse.

  1. Engineering

Engineering is at the forefront of all technological advancements, and its graduates are integral to shaping the world through innovation and problem-solving. This degree offers various specializations like mechanical, electrical, civil, aerospace, biomedical, etc. Pretty much anyone with a curious and creative mind can find a field of interest in engineering.

Moreover, with an engineering degree, you have better chances of enjoying job security in multiple industries like technology, construction, or manufacturing.

  1. Finance

With a finance degree, you can acquire essential skills like investment management or risk assessment that make you highly sought after by banks, investment firms, and other financial institutions. Finance degrees also open doors to various roles that offer market-competitive salaries, such as financial analysts and investment bankers.

You can also use the financial knowledge you gain for personal finances, like making informed decisions about savings, retirement plans, or investments.

  1. Psychology 

If you have a passion for understanding and helping others and a curiosity for learning about the complexities of the human mind, a career as a psychologist might be for you. From teaching you skills encompassing counseling techniques, research methods, and analytical thinking, this degree can help you advocate for mental health and those needing it.

In the current era, as mental health awareness grows and the demand for trained psychologists increases, this degree can be a compelling choice.

  1. Law

A degree in law offers a dynamic and intellectually stimulating career path that revolves around upholding justice and advocating for the rights of individuals and organizations. Since this program provides a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework, you can work in various corporate, criminal, intellectual property, or family law careers.


When it comes to college degrees you can pursue, the choices are endless—even more so since the popularity of online learning has grown. But whatever degree you choose, ensure it resonates with your interests and helps you achieve the milestones you’ve set for yourself.