Majors That Allow You To Travel

5 Majors That Allow You To Travel

College is a time to explore new things and discover your passions. For some people, that means getting involved in a cause they care about or learning about a subject they love. For others, it’s all about exploring different parts of the world and finding the work that supports their travel adventures. 

If you fall into the latter category, you’re in luck — plenty of college majors will allow you to travel. Many colleges offer scholarships to help students pay for their travel expenses and provide travel allowances. 

Majors That Allow You To Travel Internationally

Here are the majors that allow you to travel internationally: 

1. Anthropology

If you’re interested in learning about different cultures and how they interact with one another, anthropology is the perfect major for you. Many anthropology programs offer opportunities to study abroad, allowing you to immerse yourself in a culture and gain first-hand experience conducting research. Students can also pursue a side major in archaeology and travel to different locations to investigate how historical communities lived. To be successful, they must also learn geology.

Anthropologists and archeologists can also pursue career paths in teaching and become teachers at universities and speak at conferences. 

2. International Studies

As its name suggests, international studies are all about understanding different countries and their relations with one another. Many programs require students to complete an internship or study abroad component, allowing them to live in another country and learn about its culture and history firsthand. Graduates have career opportunities as a diplomat, a member of a government foreign affairs committee, and a foreign policy writer. 

To succeed, they must be good at communications, diplomacy, political science, sociology, linguistics, and writing. Students taking up global studies can also learn international business management and start businesses or manage companies that provide job opportunities in many international regions. 

3. Foreign Language And Literature

Studying foreign languages and literature offers many travel opportunities. It’s the ideal undergraduate degree if you’re good at communication and have a knack for learning foreign phonetics. Immersion is key when learning a new language, so many programs offer study-abroad opportunities where students can live with a host family and take classes taught in the target language. 

You can pursue a career path as an interpreter, translator, writer, researcher, freelancer, or journalist. 

4. Geography

Geography isn’t just about learning about different countries — it’s also about understanding the physical features that make them unique. Many colleges offer field-based learning opportunities, allowing students to get out of the classroom and into the field to collect data and conduct research.

Geography majors often have the opportunity to travel abroad to conduct research projects or complete internships related to their interests. 

5. Environmental Science

Environmental science majors have the unique opportunity to study different ecosystems worldwide and understand how humans interact with them. Many programs offer field-based learning experiences, allowing students to get out of the classroom and into some of the most beautiful places on Earth while they learn more about how we can protect them. You can pursue other related environmental studies, such as Ecology, Marine Biology, Zoology, and Forestry.  

College is a great time to explore new things, especially if those things involve travel. Other majors you can consider are Education, Tourism and Hospitality, Travel Journalism, Photography, and Nursing

All of these majors offer ample opportunity for travel — so start planning your next adventure today.

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