Job Opportunities For Associate Of Arts AA Degree Holders
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Job Opportunities For Associate Of Arts AA Degree Holders

Among the various educational pathways, the Associate of Arts (AA) degree stands out as a versatile and practical option. The Associate of Arts (AA) degree, often undervalued, opens up a myriad of job opportunities across various fields. AA degree holders can expect to earn competitive salaries and have the potential to advance in their career.[1] The degree is affordable and can be completed quickly, making it an attractive option for many.

In this guide, we delve into the potential career paths available to AA degree holders, highlighting the diversity and scope of roles that can be pursued.

Overview Of The Associate Of Arts Degree

An Associate of Arts degree is typically a two-year undergraduate program focusing on liberal arts and general education. It lays a solid foundation for further studies and diverse career opportunities.

Job Opportunities For Holders Of AA Degrees 

AA degree holders can pursue careers in various industries, including healthcare, business, and technology. They can also pursue further studies in fields such as law, finance, and engineering. Here are some job opportunities degree holders can avail:

Education And Teaching

Holders of an AA degree can explore roles in education, such as teaching assistants or administrative support in schools. They are crucial in supporting the educational process, providing assistance to teachers, and aiding in student development. U.S. students typically start their postsecondary education at a community college, earn an AA degree in two years, and then transfer to a university. AA degrees can be applied toward bachelor’s degrees at other colleges in the U.S. through articulation agreements.[2]

Social And Community Services

Graduates can engage in community and social services, working as community service coordinators or support workers. These roles involve helping individuals and groups improve their quality of life, often requiring empathy and strong communication skills.

Business And Administration

In the business sector, AA degree holders can find opportunities in administrative roles, customer service, and entry-level management. These positions often require organizational and interpersonal skills, which are crucial in maintaining efficient business operations.

Creative Fields

The arts and creative industries also offer various roles, such as graphic design, marketing, and content creation. These positions leverage creative skills and can be a rewarding path for those with artistic inclinations.

Government And Public Administration

Public administration is another area where AA degree holders can thrive, working in local or state government agencies. These roles involve administrative duties, public service, or support positions.

Salary Expectations And Growth Potential

While salaries for AA degree holders vary by field, many positions offer competitive wages and opportunities for advancement. For instance, administrative assistants can earn a median annual salary of around $40,000, while graphic designers can earn upwards of $50,000.

Advantages Of Holding An AA Degree 

An AA degree can provide a strong foundation for further study or to pursue a career requiring specialized skills and knowledge. Additionally, AA degrees are often more accessible and affordable than bachelor’s degrees. Here are some advantages of holding an AA degree.

Versatility And Flexibility

One of the key advantages of an AA degree is its versatility. Graduates can pursue a range of careers or further their education by transitioning into a bachelor’s program.


AA degrees are typically more affordable than four-year degrees, making them an excellent option for students looking to minimize debt while still pursuing higher education.

Skill Development

AA programs focus on developing critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills, which are highly valued in the job market.

Continuing Education And Career Advancement

Many AA degree holders choose to further their education. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree can open up even more career opportunities and potential for higher earnings.

Fast Fact

“An AA degree can be more affordable and more accessible than a bachelor’s degree.”

Median Salary For AA Degree Holders

The median salary for Associate of Arts (AA) degree holders reflects the economic value of this degree in the workforce. An average base salary of around $59,000 per year demonstrates the competitive earning potential for those with an AA degree. This figure, however, can vary based on industry, location, and level of experience. Such a salary positions AA degree holders well within the middle-income bracket in many parts of the United States.

Outcomes For AA Graduates In Community Colleges

The outcomes for AA graduates in community colleges are significant indicators of the value and effectiveness of these programs. Although specific 2023 data was not available, these outcomes are known to vary widely depending on the field of study, local job markets, and the economic climate. Graduates with AA degrees often find opportunities in industries relevant to their field of study and the needs of the local economy, making these programs integral to regional workforce development.

Average Salaries For Various Positions Requiring An AA Degree

The median weekly earning of $1,005 for individuals with an Associate’s degree, as reported in 2022, underscores the degree’s practicality in the job market. This figure translates into a competitive annual salary, especially when considering the relatively short time and lower cost required to obtain an AA degree compared to a bachelor’s degree.

Administrative Assistant Salaries

Administrative Assistants with an AA degree earn an average salary of $45,357 as of October 2023. The salary range for this position reflects the diversity of roles and responsibilities within the field, from entry-level positions to more experienced roles. Administrative Assistants play a vital role in the smooth operation of businesses and organizations, making this a stable career choice for AA degree holders.

Social Sciences Salaries

In the field of Social Sciences, graduates with an AA degree can expect a starting salary of approximately $34,440, with the potential to grow significantly based on experience and specialization. This range indicates the diverse opportunities within the field, from entry-level positions to more specialized roles in various sectors like government, non-profit organizations, and private corporations.

Customer Service Representatives Salaries

Customer Service Representatives with an AA degree have an average salary of $37,929 as of October 2023. This role is pivotal in many industries, serving as the frontline of customer interaction and satisfaction. The salary range reflects the varying levels of expertise and the importance of strong communication and problem-solving skills in these positions.

Respiratory Therapists Salaries

Respiratory Therapists, a critical role in healthcare, especially in the wake of recent global health challenges, have a median annual salary of $61,830. This figure indicates the high demand and specialization required in this field, with experienced professionals potentially earning upwards of $95,540.

Radiation Therapists Salaries

The median annual salary for radiation therapists with an Associate’s degree in the United States as of 2022 was $89,530, or $43.04 per hour, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)​​​​. This figure represents a national median, so actual salaries can vary based on factors such as geographic location, years of experience, and the specific employer.

Graphic Designers Salaries

While specific 2023 salary data for Graphic Designers with an AA degree was not available, it is a field known for its creative and commercial value. Graphic Designers play a crucial role in the visual communication and marketing industries, with their salaries often reflecting their creative expertise and the demand for their skills in various sectors.

Job Growth Rates And Unemployment Rates For AA Degree Holders

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, certain sectors are projected to experience significant growth, which could offer opportunities for AA degree holders.

  • Health Care And Social Assistance: This sector is projected to grow the most rapidly of any sector from 2022 to 2032, creating about 45 percent of all projected job gains. Occupations such as home health and personal care aides, nurse practitioners, and medical and health services managers are expected to experience significant employment increases.

  • Computer And Mathematical Occupations: There is a projection of much faster than average employment growth in this sector due to the expanding digital presence of businesses and consumers. This growth indicates potential job opportunities for AA degree holders with skills in data science, statistics, and information security.

  • Transportation And Warehousing: Growth in e-commerce is expected to drive employment growth in this sector, with an annual growth rate of 0.8 percent from 2022 to 2032. This could translate into job opportunities in areas like couriers, messengers, warehousing, and storage.

  • Manufacturing Sector: While this sector is projected to lose some jobs due to automation, there is expected growth in areas related to electric vehicle batteries and energy storage systems, which might offer new opportunities.

Fast Fact

“Working individuals, as well as those with family obligations, might benefit from Associate of Arts (AA) degree programs because of their flexibility.”

Benefits Of Obtaining An Associate Of Arts Degree Over Other Educational Alternatives

When comparing an Associate of Arts degree with other educational alternatives, the benefits become clear. These advantages include flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and specialization in a field, as reported by Potomac College:


An Associate of Arts (AA) degree program offers significant flexibility, which is particularly beneficial for those with busy schedules, such as working individuals or those with family responsibilities. Many AA programs are available online, providing an opportunity to balance education with other commitments​​.


AA degrees are generally more affordable compared to other educational alternatives, primarily because they take less time to complete. This cost-effectiveness is a significant factor, especially for students who wish to avoid substantial student debt. The quicker completion time also means entering the job market earlier, which can facilitate easier student debt repayment​​.

Higher Likelihood of Graduation

Due to their shorter duration and more focused curriculum, AA programs typically see a higher graduation rate. These programs are less daunting for students who are unsure about committing to long-term educational paths or those balancing studies with other responsibilities​​.

Enhanced Job Opportunities

Holding an AA degree demonstrates to employers a commitment to education and the acquisition of relevant skills. This qualification can provide an edge in both the hiring and promotion processes, indicating seriousness about one’s career and a willingness to stay current in one’s field​​.

Specialization In A Field

AA programs often focus on a specific field, making them ideal for students who have a clear idea of the career path they wish to pursue. This specialization allows for a more direct transition from the classroom to the workplace​​.

Comparison With Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Time Commitment: An AA degree can be completed in about two years, half the time required for a typical bachelor’s degree. This shorter time frame is ideal for those looking to enter the workforce quickly and for those who prefer a more condensed academic experience​​.

  • Financial Considerations: The cost of an AA degree is generally lower than that of a bachelor’s degree. While costs vary, an AA degree typically ranges between $20,000 to $25,000, compared to around $40,000 for a bachelor’s degree​​.

  • Career Goals: Depending on career aspirations, an AA degree might be more aligned with certain job requirements, especially in specialized or trade-based industries, compared to a bachelor’s degree, which is often preferred for more advanced positions​​.

  • Earning Potential: While a bachelor’s degree may lead to higher earning potential and lower unemployment rates overall, an AA degree can still provide a solid foundation for a successful career. With experience, AA degree holders can progress to managerial positions and improve their earning capacity​​.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most common questions about job opportunities for Associate of Arts AA degree holders to help you better understand your career options.

What is the average salary for someone with an Associate of Arts degree?

The average base salary for AA degree holders in the United States is approximately $59,000 per year.

Are there specific job roles that prefer AA degree holders?

Yes, many roles in education, social services, business administration, and creative fields often prefer or require candidates with an AA degree.

How does the salary of an AA degree holder compare to someone with a bachelor’s degree?

While individuals with a bachelor’s degree may have a higher starting salary, AA degree holders can still achieve competitive salaries, especially with experience and in specific industries.

What are the main benefits of an AA degree over a bachelor’s degree?

Key benefits include a shorter time commitment, lower overall costs, specialized focus on a particular field, and a higher likelihood of graduation.

Is it possible to further education after obtaining an AA degree?

Absolutely, many AA degree holders go on to pursue bachelor’s degrees, providing a solid foundation and transferable credits.

Can an AA degree lead to managerial positions?

Yes, with sufficient experience and skill development, AA degree holders can progress to managerial roles in their career paths.

Find Job Opportunities For AA Degree Holders

An Associate of Arts degree offers a broad spectrum of career opportunities, from education and social services to business and creative fields. With its versatility, affordability, and focus on skill development, an AA degree is a valuable stepping stone to a fulfilling career. It offers flexibility, cost-effectiveness, a focused curriculum, and specialized training. These benefits make it an attractive option for many students, especially those looking to transition into the workforce quickly or who prefer a more concentrated area of study.

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