Bachelor's Degree In Business Administration Online

How To Get A Bachelor’s Degree In Business Administration Online

Students interested in an online bachelor’s degree in business administration often possess strong analytical skills and excel in math subjects. Before graduating, online students complete 120 credits in general education and business courses. Of those 120 credits, business-related coursework typically accounts for 40 to 60.

Online degrees provide working adults with a flexible and affordable method to broaden job opportunities and increase earning potential.

Requirements For An Online Bachelor’s Degree In Business Administration

Admission requirements for online bachelor’s degree programs in business administration vary, so prospective students must pay close attention before submitting applications. The section that follows covers some of the most typical components and provides additional insight.


The majority of colleges and universities accept online applications as opposed to traditional forms. Regular college applications request basic demographic information, including the applicant’s complete name, address, social security number, and other identifying characteristics.

Test Scores

For years, the majority of undergraduate institutions have required ACT or SAT results. However, more and more universities are eliminating this requirement. Check with prospective schools early on to determine if you need to prepare for and take a college admission exam.

Letters Of Recommendation

Many online bachelor’s in business administration programs ask applicants to submit letters of recommendation attesting to their academic preparedness. Common references include supervisors, instructors, and mentors.


The college application essay allows individuals to distinguish themselves from other applicants by discussing their life experiences, motivations, and/or future ambitions. Applicants are given sufficient time to compose a well-reasoned, concise application essay.

Official Transcripts

First-year college students are required to provide transcripts from their high school, while transfer students must submit transcripts from all colleges and universities they previously attended. Official transcripts certify a student’s GPA and any prerequisites that have been met, giving schools information on possible transfer credits.

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