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How Much Does An Online Software Engineering Degree Cost

Software engineering degrees are in very high demand in the current market. Specialists in computer science, such as software engineers, have grown in popularity, thanks to the world’s ever-expanding digital landscape. By virtue of this growth, degrees in the field have also risen in numbers accordingly.

To help supplement these numbers, more and more options for taking courses and earning degrees online have sprouted up — included in these are online software engineering courses. That’s all well and good, but as with any educational venture, there is always the question of how much it would cost.

The short answer is that pre-credit for these degrees ranges from $320 to $720. In total, the tuition fees can add up to around $37,000 up to $91,000. That, however, is a big range. Several factors can affect how much an online degree can cost. These factors include things like technology fees or even just whether the university uses a flat tuition fee rate or not.

Given how big this range is, it may be more useful to look at more specific examples.

University of the Potomac

This university is one of the most affordable schools for obtaining an online software engineering degree. The average tuition fee rate is $7,785, according to their official website. This school has classes on things like software testing, applied network and security, and agile software development.

The school offers financial aid to 31% of its recipients. They also boast a graduation rate of 80%.

Middle Georgia State University

This university is relatively affordable, with an average tuition fee rate of $8,670 a year. Their classes include C++ programming, computer architecture, robot programming, software testing, and quality assurance.

For financial aid, this school, despite costing slightly more than the previous, actually offers financial aid to 91% of its recipients. In contrast, they have a graduation rate of 23% but an acceptance rate of 94%.

University of Maine at Augusta

This university has an annual tuition fee rate of $9,269 a year. The classes offered for that price include advanced Java programming, principles of human computer interaction and user design, programming in C#, and .NET software quality assurance.

Similar to the previous school, this one also offers a high number of financial aid recipients at 90%. However, their graduation rate is even lower than the previous, at only 13%.

Champlain College

This last university has an annual tuition fee rate of $9,540 a year. Some classes that qualify you include discrete mathematics, global IT & ethics, and software re-engineering.

Astonishingly, this school offers financial aid to 100% of its recipients. It even continues to break the trend established by the previous two by having a 65% graduation rate and a 75% acceptance rate. This is still a lower graduation rate than the first school, but it is much higher than the previous two while also having a 100% financial aid rate.

More Affordable Options Online

The four universities presented above are actually on the lower end of the spectrum for tuition fee rates as far as online software engineering degrees go. It’s important to note that all of those prices are also before any kind of scholarship or financial aid, so it is very much possible for them to be lower. This is especially true for those more willing to offer financial assistance.

Whichever choice you decide to make, Go Degree is here to help you make an informed decision. Planning for your future can never be overstated in its importance, after all. If you’d like to invest more time into learning about what options are available, you may want to check out our blog on how to get a free computer science degree online!

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