How Long Does It Take To Get An Associate's Degree In Marketing Online

How Long Does It Take To Get An Associate’s Degree In Marketing Online?

If you’re looking to jumpstart your marketing career, you might be wondering how long it takes to acquire a marketing degree online and whether remote learning is ideal for you. A marketing degree may mean the difference between a pointless and low-paying job and a rewarding career with room for growth.

In order to obtain a degree, you will need to devote hours of your time studying. Online learning programs give students a lot of flexibility, allowing them to choose a faster or slower path to a degree.

Obtaining An Associate’s Marketing Degree

The length of a degree program is determined by the type of degree you wish to acquire. Choosing a program can be challenging since the thought of completing years of coursework might be intimidating. This is why some aspiring marketers will initially enroll in an associate’s degree program to obtain the bare minimum of education required to break into the industry.

Starting with an Associate of Arts (A.A) degree in marketing, you can expect to spend 18-48 months in school. The length of your program is determined by the college you will attend, your enrollment status, and whether you pass your coursework the first time around.

You can graduate in two years or less when studying online if you are enrolled in an intensive program and take a full load of 15 to 20 credits per semester.

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