How Hard Is It To Get A Project Management Professional Certification

How Hard Is It To Get A Project Management Professional Certification?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam is hard. Anyone aspiring to become a PMP should be educated for the exam. So, first-time test participants should know that the PMP certification exam is incredibly hard.

The examination comprises 200 multiple-choice questions administered over a four-hour period. The questions are written at a high level of difficulty and are intended to assess your knowledge about the subject and your ability to solve problems in real life. Some of the questions are theoretical, while others are situational in nature and need mathematical calculations or graph drawing.

What is the Pass-Fail Rate for the PMP?

Given the exam’s difficulty level, it’s unsurprising that the pass percentage is so low. Bear in mind that the PMI deliberately withholds the exam’s pass and failure rates. The internet is filled with estimates, many of which are provided by providers of 35-hour preparation workshops.

One of the most frequently used estimates is a 50-60% pass rate on the first attempt, while failure rates are 50-40%.

The secret to passing the exam is investing the necessary time to study with a reliable review course.

Which Factors Make the PMP Exam Difficult?

  • Length of Every Material – The first factor was the sheer amount of material to be studied. All topics in each domain should be familiar to you. 
  • Exam Structure Complexity – The second factor was creating a mental model of the PMBOK. Many exam questions can’t be answered based on your own logic or what you’ve experienced. Instead, it is best if you keep the PMI’s standard in mind.
  • Questions Difficulty – The third factor was to pass the overall simulated exams. Often the questions were tricky, and you could make so many mistakes at the beginning that you would become discouraged.

Anyone who studies and exerts themselves can pass the PMP test on their first attempt. The most effective approach to prepare for the exam is to enroll in a review course that fits their learning style. Check out ULeadNet for more information about certifications!

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