How Difficult Is The Certified Ethical Hacker Exam?

How Difficult Is The Certified Ethical Hacker Exam?

Cybersecurity professionals who wish to obtain the certified ethical hacker (CEH) designation must appear for the CEH exam. It is not too difficult to become a certified ethical hacker. You will find the CEH exam easier to pass if you have hands-on experience with programming languages, servers, and networking. 

The certified ethical hacker exam is easy to pass with hard work, diligence, and the right preparation material. Make sure to cover the whole curriculum if you’re using self-guided study material.

About The 312-50 CEH Exam

The CEH 312-50 exam consists of 125 questions in a multiple-choice format and you are given four hours to complete it. The EC-Council is the authority that conducts the certified ethical hacker exam and offers its exams in multiple forms (i.e., different question banks) to maintain the high integrity of the exams. 

Each form is carefully analyzed by a team of subject matter experts by beta testing it with a diverse sample group to ensure that the exam is academically rigorous and has real-world applications. Simply studying from online sources is unlikely to help you pass the exam because the exam assesses in-depth knowledge. Similarly, memorizing lists of questions and answers is unlikely to help you pass.

EC-Council Training Program

Candidates may enroll in the EC-Council training program to familiarize themselves with the CEH exam. It is advised for ethical hacker candidates to enroll in their program to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to take the CEH 312-50 exam. Are you interested in learning more about different cybersecurity certifications? ULeadNet has numerous blog posts on various professional certifications you can take. Visit the rest of our site today!

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