Getting Your Foot in the Door with an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree
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Getting Your Foot in the Door with an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree

Nursing is one of the most important fields in our society today. With many countries having large aging populations, nurses will soon be in even higher demand than they are already. This is a career that is future-proof and redundancy-proof. No AI can simulate the empathy and bedside manner that a good nurse employs and in hospitals, aged care homes and other medical industry workplaces, nurses are indispensable. 

It’s more than likely that if you’re reading this you are already interested in pursuing a career in nursing in some way and you will find that if you are at the beginning of your journey into a nursing career you can greatly accelerate the gap between starting your studies and getting employed by getting into an accelerated BSN nursing program online, as you can cut your study time, normally about 4 years for a BSN degree, more than in half. 

This is quite a claim, and it’s likely that you might be thinking that there are some horrible strings attached but we invite you to read on as we explore what exactly these accelerated bachelor degrees offer.

Prerequisites for an accelerated degree

One of the most common prerequisites for an accelerated BSN is that you possess a bachelor’s degree of some sort already. There are a number of other fairly standard prerequisites, things such as having a decently high GPA and submitting a personal statement letter as part of your application, possibly with letters of recommendation from previous professors. There are also typically a number of prerequisite courses that need to have been completed to a minimum satisfactory degree, these typically include things such as; microbiology, nutrition, psychology, statistics and anatomy.

What exactly are the benefits of an accelerated degree?

The obvious benefit of an accelerated BSN degree is that it is faster than normal, so if you meet the prerequisites you can get into work much faster than you would otherwise. The entire point of these programs is to provide a pathway for individuals outside of the nursing profession to transition smoothly into a nursing role without setting themselves too far backwards in terms of education time and costs. 

Are there specific pitfalls to avoid when applying to start this degree?

There are no particular pitfalls with the degree, like any degree you need to make sure you have all the prerequisites in order. Of course, different institutions might have different pathways and demands for applicants, so it is essential that you thoroughly read through all of the information they provide before applying. While many of these courses are offered online, the better ones will combine online and in-person elements. You can easily complete any sort of theory work from home, but how can you get real experience without practical classes and placement opportunities, the simple answer is that you can’t.

The typical curriculum

Once again, different institutions will almost certainly have somewhat varied curriculums, but it is safe to assume that everything you study will be aimed at helping you to pass the NCLEX-RN, which, as we’re sure you know already, is the exam that must be passed for a nurse to become licensed in the US. This curriculum will likely cover things like; fundamental nursing principles such as safe patient care and health promotion, essential principles of adult patient care such as concepts of aging and restoration of health, maternal and family-centered nursing care, and complex patient care such as dealing with disease and trauma. 

Where can you take this degree?

This degree is designed as an entry into nurse generalist work, so it works as a platform from which to pursue many different sorts of nursing careers. Generalist nurses can work in many different types of nursing roles without much issue, so it wouldn’t be beyond the pale to seek a position in a hospital, nursing home, long-term care facility or anyplace else. There is also the possibility for nurses to focus on specific areas of care and to move into mental health, geriatric care or any other type of specific care field that they might wish. 

Just like a regular BSN, the accelerated degree can also be used as a stepping stone from which to pursue further study into more advanced nursing roles, such as a Master of Science in Nursing or a Doctor of Nursing Practice. So it can be used to plot out a whole career of advancement.

An accelerated BSN can help jump-start your career in nursing, provided you meet the prerequisites. Nursing is an important field and it will only get more important in the future as our populations continue to age.